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Online legal consultation for expatriate Arabs

Get the most appropriate solution to your legal problems by requesting privet legal consultation from a lawyer specialized in your country of residence

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You will receive the offer from the SyrGo team within 12 hours on the WhatsApp you entered*

What type of consultations do we provide?

  • - Legal violations
  • - Misdemeanors
  • - Theft and other crimes
  • - Real estate matters
  • - Buying and selling
  • - Inheritance
  • - Disputes between partners
  • - Issues related to banks
  • - Mortgage issues
  • - Divorce
  • - Marriage
  • - Lineage
Obtaining a passport
  • - Required legal papers
  • - Procedures
  • - Solutions to challenges related to Syrians
Regulating the status of the flag service
  • - Failure to serve science
  • - Solutions to challenges related to Syrians
Adjustment of academic status
  • - Consultations for displaced persons and refugees in foreign countries
  • - Settlement of academic status and required papers

How do we work?

Fill the required form above
We will reach out to you via the Whatsapp number to share the details
We will schedule a consultation with the appropriate lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who benefits from the private legal consultation provided by SyrGo?

    All Syrian expatriates in Arab and foreign countries.

  • Are those legal consultation sessions paid?


  • How long is the private consultation session?

    The duration of the consultation session is a half-hour call with the lawyer in the appropriate  method of your choice.

  • What is the cost of legal consultations at SyrGo?

    After providing us with the required details, we will contact you via the WhatsApp number you entered, and send the cost of the private consultation. 

  • How will counseling be provided?

    Either via WhatsApp voice call or via one of the meet applications zoom, google meet. You can choose the method that suits you best.

Legal Consultation

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Got Inquiries? Our Lawyers are Here to Support You!

Got Inquiries? Our Lawyers are Here to Support You!

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