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    • I requested a relative's help to obtain my birth certificate from Damascus. When it was sent to Berlin, my place of residence, it wasn't accepted as an official document showing my place and date of birth. What could explain this?

      Make sure to follow these steps: When obtaining any document from Syria, have it translated into the language of your country of residence. Authenticate both the Arabic and foreign language copies with the notary and the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Send the document only after it has been authenticated and carries the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp. Keep in mind that certain documents required by Syrian expatriates residing in Germany may also require authentication from the German Embassy in Beirut.

    • Can Syrians who left Syria irregularly obtain a passport while abroad, especially if they haven't completed their military service?

      Yes, for those who left Syria irregularly, a passport is issued with a validity of two and a half years, regardless of military service. For more details, you can contact us via direct messages on the page for a free consultation.

    • I'm a Syrian expat who hasn't completed my military service. What should I do to visit Syria?

      Individuals who have not fulfilled their military service can take the following steps: Through their family members, they can submit documents to the General Recruitment Directorate for regularization of their status or payment of the cash substitute, provided they meet the required conditions. Alternatively, they can apply through the mission or consulate they are affiliated with to obtain approval for visiting Syria under the facilities extended to Syrian expatriates abroad.

    • I'm a Syrian expat, but I have a foreign passport. What should I do to visit Syria?

      First case: If an expatriate is not exempt from military service and holds a foreign passport along with evidence of Syrian identity (e.g., a national ID card), they can visit Syria without complications. Second case: Those without proof of Syrian identity should apply for an entry visa at the nearest Syrian embassy or consulate. If they are exempt from military service, they should request entry and exit facilitation from the Syrian embassy or consulate in their host country or the nearest one to their location.

    • I'm currently in Germany and need documents authenticated by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Embassy.

      Due to the closure of the German Embassy in Damascus, the German Embassy in Beirut handles the authentication of Syrian public documents. These documents must first be authenticated by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ensure that each original document is accompanied by an official German translation prepared by a certified translator, along with a copy of the document. An appointment with the embassy is mandatory for submitting these documents.

    • How can I prove my marriage to a non-Syrian woman outside of Syria?

      Proving a marriage involves providing documentation issued by the relevant authorities responsible for the marriage contract, and having these documents authenticated by the foreign ministry of the respective country. It’s important to note that marriage to a non-Syrian requires prior approval from the Syrian Ministry of Interior.

    • I'm a Syrian expatriate looking to grant power of attorney through the Syrian Embassy in Belgium for a relative in Syria. I have the required documents ready and would appreciate guidance on the process.

      When arranging a power of attorney at the embassy, note the following: Expired passports are not accepted. Renew your passport first. The old 1981 Syrian ID card is not valid. Use original, authenticated documents for property and vehicle-related power of attorney. After creating the power of attorney at the embassy, you can send it directly to Syria. No need for foreign ministry authentication in your host country. Use the power of attorney in Syria after it’s authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in Damascus or its regional offices.

    • I have a child in the elementary stage, how can they continue their education outside of Syria?

      For children, they need to obtain and authenticate their official documents in order to be able to continue their education outside of Syria.

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